Google Drive

CaptureGoogle drive is free, but simple more involved plans start at $5-$10Google drive consists of:

    1. Google Photos
    2. Google Docs
    3. Google Slides
    4. Google Sheets
    5. Calendar
    6. Hangouts
    7. Forms
    8. Sites
    9. Google+
    10. Ability to upload the most common file types of multimedia


In addition to an email & password login, Google Drive allows you a two-step process to better secure your account like phone text and backup email accounts. Google drive is very secure if you log on to only your private computer, but overall you can choose your sharing level accordingly for each file uploaded. Although, Google Docs is open for file viewing by companies associated with Google such as NSA.

Google Drive is pretty broad with its features, it incorporates access via tablet, phone, electronic device apps, laptops, phablets, and desktops on all major platforms. Yes it can be added into your OS system to be accessed straight on the desktop and it is available on windows for quick access too. It is readily accessible via third party apps upon user acknowledgement. Google Drive allows the user instant updates to the drive so information can be access by a multitude of computers and files can be viewed/edited in real time by many people simultaneously.

I selected this cloud service to highlight because I’ve been a Gmail user since 2006 and have been vigorously using Gmail since the beginning. I’ve been there for the birth of Google Drive and have witnessed the progress and many features of innovations that Google has brought to the table. I think Google Drive is capturing the correct method for new technology information storing and sharing at its best.



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