iCloud or iHacked?


I have a couple cloud services I use, Dropbox and iCloud. I frequent iCloud because I pay 1$ a month for 50 GB of storage. It works out just fine because I take hundreds of pictures every month, so many that my Dropbox is full. iCloud can save pictures, video’s, any type of audio or media, but no docs. Even though “the cloud” made headlines when a number of celebrities got their clouds account hacked, one of the celeb’s was the ever so beautiful Jennifer Lawrence which exposed older nude photo’s of her that were sent to her boyfriend. The cloud is available for iPhone, and the user can log in on a desk top and look at their account as well. The cloud is integrated into the iPhone already, any one with an iPhone has a cloud already, and the get a free 20GB, but that goes fast!

I am promoting (yes technically I am selling you on the cloud 🙂 because of the 50 GB that are only 1USD. Dropbox fills up fast, its free but its inconvenient to go to check in at DB and upload your photos, the only  time photos and media that upload is when the user has a wifi connection, and if you open your Dropbox.




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