Drivin’ with Google

My most favorite thing about Google Drive is that you get 15 GB free! As a poor college student this is fantastic. You can store documents, PowerPoints, photos, PDFs, videos, spreadsheets, pretty much all the basics you need. Users can back-up their files and data including email attachments, and if more storage space is needed, people can buy storage plans. All of these files can be accessed on devices that connect to the internet, like tablets, smart phones, computers, and they can be downloaded to be accessed offline too. Files are secured by SSL encryption which is the same security used in the other services that Google provides like Gmail. Though all files are initially private users can decide to share them with others.  This is my second most favorite thing about Google Drive.  It makes school projects so much easier. Users can view and edit files, even simultaneously. It’s made storing and collaborating so much more efficient!



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