Google Drive!

I believe that Google Drive is an amazing invention and is one of the more convenient of the cloud services out there. Google Drive does not cost a thing unless you decide to upgrade from the 15 GB that they offer you. I think 15 GB’s is a bunch but if that doesn’t hold you over you can get 100 GB for 1.99 per month or 1 TB for 9.99 a month. On Google Drive you can upload anything! Videos, pictures, documents, or any media file! I think Google drive is pretty secure but you always have to account for hackers or scams. My opinion is don’t store something on Google drive you wouldn’t want someone to see and you won’t have a problem there.  You can access Google Drive from mobile or desktop and upload anywhere as long as you are in your google account.  I picked this service because this is really the only cloud service I use and I’m happy with it. I’ve never had a problem with it. So I felt like I had to represent Google Drive and how awesome like a possum it really is!

^VB 🙂


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