Moov Now

The Moov Now

There are two articles , and another review of the Moov Now. I think that the most important information can be gathered from all and how this activity tracker is more of a virtual coach than an activity tracker in the sense that it has the ability to let you know how long you have done something other than sit around.

has the ability to coach through an app available to any individual using a smart phone. The tracker has a very lightweight; the band that holds the tracker is also light and dynamic.

The app helps you get better at your training activity especially if it is Running, Swimming, Walking and indoor cardio workout that is already preset into the app. There is an 8-minute workout that requires you to wear two trackers at the same time to measure your landing, push and range of motion.

If you are an experienced athlete the Moov does not offer the advanced coaching you might want. If you are a beginner athlete or just getting started, than this tracker really has the ability to help you get motivated to exercise for a little at home with an intensity that can help you get better or do an interval walk, the coaching voice comes through your phone and helps you push yourself harder.   Another feature is that it automatically tracks your sleep and quality of sleep; the con of this feature is that if you stop moving the tracker just consider that as sleep.

The biggest downfall in all articles researched is that if you have a big size phone this would be a very difficult thing to have with you if you go running. Also if you choose the boxing work out it is necessary to have the second tracker. All other workouts only require one.

The battery will last for six months and once you need to replace the replacement is only a few dollars.



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