The Cloud

The cloud service I use the most is Google Drive. The drive from Google is a 15 GB free cloud service. If 15 GB is not enough you could increase the storage size to 100 GB for $1.99 every month or all the way to 30TB for 299.99 a month. Google Drive stores pretty much anything; photos, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, Microsoft Office files, etc. Google Drive can be used from almost every device that has internet access from either going into Google or downloading the Google Drive app, the service is available for Mac, PC, iTunes store, Windows store and Google store. Google Drive is a pretty secure but it has a few problems with it. The user could manage the security settings to personalize how secure they want their account to be. A problem with the service is that since the service is linked to the user’s gmail, someone could try to access it if they get the user’s e-mail address. Google drive allows people to share their files, which could also be another security problem, but this can be fixed by changing the sharing settings. The reason I use Google Drive is because is easy to use and I can use it anywhere I want.




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