5 Things you need to know about xmas!


Its December, and you know what that means. We’re all getting ready to celebrate christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa and any other holiday I missed (oops). Its tradition in many families to put up the lights and set up the plastic and or real tree but other families are eagerly waiting to light up the menorah. Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December but it is the most popular in the United States.
I remember christmas gave me so much joy as a child, which I think is the biggest reason why I still celebrate that glorious morning, but as I get older I start to ask myself…where did christmas come from? Why do we celebrate it?..and who the hell is the REAL Santa Claus?
Since the first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336AD,  we can assume the humans back then weren’t stringing up lights and spiking eggnog. When I dug a little deeper on the subject I found 5 things, you need to know about christmas!


History Channel

Santa Claus comes from St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop living in Turkey in the 4th century AD. St. Nicholas had inherited a great deal of wealth and was known for giving it away to help the needy. St. Nicholas was also known as “the protector of children”. This explains the connection between children and their fondness of Santa.


Crystal Links

Many people believe xmas falls on Dec. 25th because thats the day Jesus was born, but the bible never states this. So it is widely speculated that Dec. 25th was chosen because it coincided with the ancient pagan festival Saturnalia, which celebrated the agricultural god Saturn with partying, gambling, and gift-giving. 

#3. Upside down or right side up!

Originally only used in department stores to increase floor space, consumers (as usual) decided they like the idea and took it home with them. Some european folks believe the “inverted tree” represented the holy trinity. You can buy this here tree for 198$.

#4. I’ll take EVERYTHING!

We lead in consumer culture thats a given but according to List25 Christmas purchases account for a 1/6 of all annual retail sales in the United States. Hot damn! No wonder why christmas comes earlier every year.

#5. “Im changing my status!”
giphy (1)
Facebook released an article that tracked changing of relationship status, ‘Tracking the Seasonality of Relationship Formation’ and it stated that on Dec. 25 people are 34% more likely to pair up!



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