12 DIY gifts for Everyone

The best part about Christmas is gift giving, but sometimes, even that can cause stress to anybody. If you are on a tight budget and almost ready to give up on what to do for everyone around you, maybe you can make something. These ideas can work for if you have a lot of time or not, also almost all of them are inexpensive.

Let’s start!


 A fashionable way to roll up your cords


Easy to make for the hipster or the tech savvy person in your life.


Terrarium Kit


This one I thought a clever way to give to a nature lover or if you want to teach the youngsters how to care for nature.


Lemon Sugar Scrub


Sugar scrub for the female or male that likes to pamper themselves. This sugar scrub can be tweaked just a bit and can be made into a different scent. All the instructions to make the changes are in the link.


Framed cork boards


Who doesn’t love to be organized. Use a frame found at any thrift store, spray paint and cork tiles and you are done. Easy and super nice.


Mod-podge Photon on Canvas


This is a DIY that can be a little laborious but the end result can get you the in-laws to fall for you or your parents. Canvas pictures can be expensive to get printed but this can save you almost half of the price.


Bird’s Nest Necklace


My tween son made one of these for me last Mother’s Day. He was so proud of it and I really loved it. If you want your mother or MIL to love you more, spend the time and not a lot of money for these. You will thank us later.


DIY tile coasters


I have a big family, it is hard to figure out cheap and nice gifts. These were a super cute option and it was great to give. There are many variations to these project and all can accommodate your artistic expression. The tiles vary on prices and you don’t have to use white only, there are many colors to choose from. The cheapest tile only costs .49 cents!! at Home Depot


Christmas Baking Kit


This is one fo those gifts that you can customize to your own desire. It can be a baking kit, a Coffee Lover kit, a Spa Day kit . The point is, that you can put as much as you like in them, have any theme, and spend as much as need.


Fort Building kit


This DIY will make you the coolest uncle, aunt, older cousin, mom or dad. Although you may think forts are for little kids, even teenagers will enjoy it. Their parents will love you because there will be no more stealing every blanket to make a fort, use all your chairs, books, etc.  All you will need is: clean thrift store sheets, some rope, clamps from the dollar store, clothes pins (also from the dollar store) and an old t-shirt. It does requires some sewing but you don’t have to know much about sewing to attach the ties made from the t-shirt to the sheets. I am sure I will be making these for my kids these year. If you are interested in this gift but have no desire to sew, or time here is an already made kit for purchase.


Ribbon bookmarks


Another sewing project, but not difficult at all. Make a few and give with a copy of a favorite book of yours.


Netflix coffee mugs


Easiest of the DIY’s. Fun and looks like you really put thought into who you will be giving these to. Cups are found at the dollar store and craft markers here or at Michael’s. Use movie quotes, to decorate or anything movie related.


Hot Chocolate Mix


Everyone loves hot chocolate! Make one of these or change it up a bit for other flavors. Also if you find yourself that nobody likes hot chocolate in your circle of friends and family you can also make these Cappuccino Mixes or Mocha: here and here . Another option would be to just make a mix for cookies or brownies.

There are eight days of Hanukkah gift giving, 12 days of Christmas and seven days of Kwanza. However you celebrate the Holiday season, these ideas will give you an economic way to give to all.


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