How Much the “Twelve Days of Christmas” Costs

Every holiday season Christmas carols can be heard everywhere you go, and a popular carol is The 12 Days of Christmas. This song has been around for along time, being published in 1780 in England, and when you hear it you can’t help but sing along. But have you ever wondered what all the gifts would cost if you bought them for someone you know?

The PNC Financial Services has released a report annually that shows the prices of the gifts over the last 32 years on the market.


The first gift starts out pretty cheap at $214.99 for a partridge and the pear tree. Which went up 3.5% from last year.


For the second day you’ll be set back a minor $290 for the two turtledoves. The price of turtle doves have exploded in the last year going up 11.5% from last year.

 french hens

The third day of Christmas will set you back $181.50 for three French Hens which has it the same as last year’s cost.


The fourth gift would be four calling birds, which hit your wallet for a whopping $599.96, which is no more expensive then last year, but still a hefty price for four birds.


The fifth day has you buying five gold rings for the market price of $750. No increase over last year, but still will put a dent in your wallet.


The sixth day of Christmas calls for six geese-a-laying. These six birds will only hit your wallet for $360 and is unchanged from last years price.


The seventh day brings the most expensive gift. Seven swans-a-swimming that will hit you for $13,125, which isn’t any more expensive then last year, but still $1,875 is not cheap for each bird.


After the most expensive day the eighth day brings eight maids-a-milking. This gift comes in at $58 which is unchanged from last year and is the cheapest gift on the list.


The ninth gift is the nine ladies dancing, and PNC has gone off the price for the PHILADANCO! Dancers over the years that charge $7,552.84 per number, this hasn’t changed from last year, but if you tried you might be able to find it cheaper.


The tenth day brings ten lords-a-leaping which PNC goes to the Pennsylvania Ballet for $5,508.70 a 3% jump from last year.


The eleventh gift brings eleven pipers piping who toot their own horn for $2,635.20 which is even with last year.


The last gift is twelve drummers drumming which will set you back $2,854.80 per number. No increase from last year, but still a steep price.


All 12 gifts this year came in at $34,130.99 which is only 0.6% rise from last year, but still quite a bit of money to pay for the holidays. The index also doesn’t take in account the barn you would have to build to store all the birds in.

2015 PNC CPI_All

All prices from the PNC Christmas Index.



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