Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe-LogoAdobe Creative Cloud is AMAZING. As a working professional for a digital marketing agency, I can personally say that I use this cloud based service daily. It features everything’s from Photoshop all the way to Indesign for website creation. As with every cloud based service,  Adobe Creative Cloud allows you the ability to access all of the programs remotely from any desktop. This also gives you the ability to access and save your work from any desktop or laptop computer while being on a completely safe and secure network. *You just have to remember to log out of Adobe*


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.12.13 AM

Adobe Creative Cloud make’s it affordable for just about anyone to own their services. As you can see above, they have a wide variety of packages based upon the needs of the consumers. The most amazing thing they offer in pricing: STUDENT PRICING! You can get all of these services as a student for only $19.99 a month! This has been huge for me as a student due to the fact that many of my classes require these services and with the cost of attendance and books on the rise, having affordable access to the Adobe Cloud is key for my success in the work field and at school.

I chose this cloud service solely for the fact that it is the industry leading digital media tool kit. It gives you access to all of the services you need in order to work on any aspect of digital work, while also allowing you to save and store that work on a secure remote accessible network.

^^DG (Dillon Green)



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