Holiday TV episodes

Holiday TV episodes to get you in the mood for the holidays


  • A Very Supernatural Christmas- Supernatural.




There’s nothing that says Christmas like Sam and Dean Winchester like hunting an Anti-Claus or is it really an Anti-Claus or something else? If you’d like to watch it is available on Netflix



  • “The Strike” – Seinfeld


The Strike is also known as the Festivus episode. Kramer goes back to work at the donut shop he went on strike at many years ago. You also learn about the holiday George Costanza’s father invented: Festivus where you gather everyone around the table and tell them how they wronged you over the years. This holiday also includes a metal pole instead of a tree and something called the “Feats of Strength.” There is even a website that is dedicated to this holiday


  • “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”- Community



Claymation and singing! Is this Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer? Nope, It’s Abed’s mental break over Christmas and how everything and everyone is in claymation form and sings to find the true meaning of Christmas! (Yes, Professor Ian Duncan is THE John Oliver)


  • Christmas party- The Office



Oh, the office. How I love thee. I think this is one of the episodes that truly exemplify what the holidays are all about…. In Michael Scott’s head. There is Yankee swap, booze, arguing, Dwight. I think this episode truly captures what it is like to work in an office.



  • “The 23rd” – New Girl


This episode has everything! Sexy Santa! The awkward “ you don’t know what to get someone your dating for a short while” dilemma, trying not to miss an important flight. There is a special appearance of Stephen Amell from hit TV show Arrow as Cece boyfriend(Which I didn’t notice until I was watching and trying to figure out where I knew him from)



  • The one with holiday armadillo- Friendsarmadillo


How do you teach a child about Hanukkah? Well Ross decided to teach his son Ben about Hanukkah by dressing up as the Holiday Armadillo!(Because he couldn’t rent a santa costume that late in the year.) and the results are hilarious just watch


  • My own personal Jesus- Scrubsscrubs


Working in a medical profession is hard when the holidays come around. In this episode J.D sees a miracle. Turk loses faith and you get to see what the holidays are like in the ER.


  • Amends- Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Not your typical holiday episode it’s darker and more raw then a few on this list. Angel AKA Angelus is haunted by his victims he killed. I personally liked this episode but I could understand how some might feel like this shouldn’t be on the list. I feel like it should because there is so much heart and soul in this episode and the struggles the Slayer faces every single day of the year doesn’t matter if it is the holidays or not.


  • Lexmas – SmallvillleLexmas


This is more of a Lex Luthor-centric episode because when Lex is shot he is visited by the ghost of his mother and shows him what his life would be like if he get out of the control of his father. It’s kind of like a Ghost of Christmas past by Charles Dickens but with Superman and Lex Luthor. Plus Clark Kent in a santa hat!Clarkinchrismtashat


  • The Polarizing Express- Psychpsychpic

 Going with the Ghost of Christmas past idea, Shawn Spencer resident psychic for the Santa Barbra police department wonders where everyone would be if he didn’t come back to Santa Barbra.

Chuck Vs. Santa Claus


What says Christmas like a hostage situation, 15% mark ups at the Buy More and more Die Hard references and similarities then I can count. This episode shows what the show Chuck is all about!


  • The Chrismukkah that almost wasn’t – The O.C

 Seth Cohen

Never heard of Chrismukkah? Well no worries Seth Cohen will tell you all about it. Chrismukkah is a super holiday mixed with Christmas and Hanukkah because his parents were in an interfaith marriage and thus Christmukkah was born! In my opinion all of the Chrismukkah episodes are wonderful but this was the one that started it all!



If you would like to see any of these episodes they are on most of the streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.


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