Actually in the clouds

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ICloud is a powerful yet elegant cloud based service. It’s sole purpose is to maintain even the most extraneous lifestyles . iCloud makes sense of all the chao that people like to ignore. Keeping the procrastinators on track and the distinctional families in sync. iCloud brings harmony in this digital world we live in. iCloud is Apple born, and American designed, making it exclusive. Created for those who have a fine taste for aesthetics and simplicity, but also created for the  common man. Not the executives with secretaries and counsels; But the dads with families to maintain and the dedicated doers with teams to coordinate. A tool, well needed.

To answer your questions

For something so capable and so chic, one only thinks how much does it cost. Well iCloud isn’t just for the Hollywood elite, it’s for the dad with a family to run and at work a team to coordinate. That is why iCloud is free, because a resource like this is priceless. Of course free only gets you 5GBs, which is a movie and a couple thousand photos. If you’re looking for some more serious storage, you’ll want to upgrade to 200GBs for $2.99/mo or even, for $9.99/mo, 1 TB. Hopefully a TB of storage isn’t limiting for you. That’s approximately 85,000,000 word pages or 200,000 songs.

So with all this space, there’s really no limit to how much you can store. In fact there’s not really a limit for what you can store either. iCloud allows you to upload anything from a keynote, to a numbers, to home videos. Your iCloud Drive is basically like a hard drive in the cloud.

Everything on your phone, computer and other apple devices, basically your whole life, is being stored in the cloud. The Internet is a scary and dangerous universe and your life is being sent through it as we speak. So what’s protecting that information? Well, Apple uses a 128-bit AES encryption, which is the same encryption standard used by banks. This means all your precious information is as secure as any major financial institution.

To complement your fluid and adaptable lifestyle, iCloud is available on all your devices. From your TV in the living room, to your cell phone in your car, to you desktop at work, you’ll always be able to manage your life wherever you are. Not just your life either, your family’s life too. With family sharing, you can connect your family’s iCloud accounts which turns a dad’s phone into a mobile command center. Allowing him to authorize purchases, locate devices, and even create a family calendar.

These features are simplifying the infrastructures of the modern day business, classroom, and family. iCloud is a paramount tool for this digital era. It definitely sets a high standard. That is why iCloud is actually in the clouds.



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