iCloud is a cloud based storage/cloud computing service from Apply Inc. It stirred up its first storm on October 12th 2011, by July of 2013 the service hit 320 million users. This service helps people from all walks of life keep organized through various user friendly settings. It helps bring in the clutter of photos and dates and reminders all onto one platform. This can be used for families to set reminders for one another or co workers to remember meetings/important deadlines. This ever growing tool is one I couldn’t go with out.


If you are an iCloud user you have ability to fill that cloud with whatever you should feel suits your needs, may it be thousands of photos, apps, music, or documents. iCloud also gives you the ability to share your saved media across every compatible device you may acquire, so that when changing to a larger viewing screen, one with better keyboard, or sharing for a presentation, things do not get lost along the way. Also if something unexpected happens in the chaos of life you are able to recover your information off of a previous device seamlessly


There are 5 different storage plans for iCloud currently in effect. The first is free 5GB isn’t a ton but its great that they have one for free to begin with those couple thousand photos you’ll be taking. Each of these plans are incredibly affordable and truly handy if you need a HUGE amount of space to save things or if your like me who just needs a tad bit more space.  I ran out of space on my 16 GB iPhone 5s very soon after upgrading, because of how large my iphoto storage was. Music wasn’t even an option for me at all anymore sadly! Then my iPhone showed me the options in the photo above ^ I now use the 20GB plan across 3 different devices and have not needed to upgrade due to storage on any of them. But incase you need that 1TB of storage you still have that option, Now that is a real win!


Apple’s iCloud security and privacy statement is incredibly long, however it does state that Apple uses a 128-bit AES encryption, which is the same encryption standard used by banks.  With 320+ million users this cloud HAS to be a fortress so rest assured your information will be secure.


Why iCloud?

Well, for me iCloud is the simplest and best way to keep things organized. All of my devices even down to my TV have my photos instantly uploaded to them, this is very important to me. Now I no longer need to keep buying new USB drives when I lose my old one with ancient photos on it. All of my contacts can be resolved through my computer or phone now, if I receive a call through my computer I can continue with whatever I was doing before hand after saying good bye. I have been waiting years for features like these, all we need now is to combine these features with being able to push and pull pages around like Iron mans set up and life will be perfect!


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