The 6 Best Parts About Being Home For The Holidays: #HolidaylifeatSLCC


We all love the chance to do nothing if we’d like to, and its even better doing it when your home for the holidays. Here are the 6 best things that will happen over the holiday break.

1.) No more alarm clock.


No matter what kind of person you are, we can all be thankful for the days with no alarms going off. Class is out and its time to sleep in!

2.) Catching up on Television

Netflix, and your family room couch are calling your name. It’s finally time to binge watch all of those shows you’ve been neglecting during the semester to be “responsible”

3.) Seeing the family pet after months apart.



Endless hours for cuddling with your childhood pet and taking 500+ photos of them await. Your social media accounts will be exploding from cuteness! Don’t forget to share with your classmates by adding #HolidaylifeatSLCC.

4.) Seeing relatives you otherwise never get to see.


Family games may be a off putting sometimes, but theres always those crazy relatives who keep the holidays interesting.

5.) Naps, so many naps!


On the floor, beanbag, couch, in your parents bed while you and your sister binge watch Orange is the new black again. On the porch swing, the dog bed after a long cuddle sesh with the pup. The possible outcomes are endless!

6.) When your parents send you home with food.


At the end of every break theres always the moment mom decides your not eating well enough away from home, and sends you back with enough left overs to feed your own small army. Everyone at home will be awaiting to see what you’ve brought back to trade family treats!

Share with us what does your family send you back with every year? Tag #HolidaylifeatSLCC while with the fam!



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