The Top Five Worst Christmas Songs Ever for SLCC Students.

When it comes to Christmas music you either love it or you hate it. There is not too much of a middle ground. There are some songs, however, that both lovers and haters of Christmas music can come together and agree are awful. I’ve created a list of what I think are the worse Christmas songs of all times and I distilled it down to five terrible songs. So here it goes.

5. Yingle Bells by Yogi Yorgensen (1948)

This song is exactly what you think it is. Although it might not be the worst song on this list, the true horror is that it was number 7 on the hot new song charts when it was released in 1948.

4. Christmas Shoes by Newsong (1999)

This song is awful. I mean, the story is about a little boy whose mom is dying and so he has to get her new shoes because that’s what you do when your mom is dying right? Anyway, this song is just sad and who wants to be sad at Christmas time?

3. Santa Claus Defeats The Martian Theme From Santa Claus Defeats The Martians (1964)

This song is actually the theme song from one of the greatest Christmas films ever released. This song and movie are so bad that they are great. The movie is like The Room of Christmas movies. This song is just so cheesy and stupid.

2. The Chipmunks Christmas Song by Alvin And The Chipmunks (1958)

I might get some flack from people who love this song, but my response would be, “why?” I mean, what appeals to you about this song? The voice distortion is so annoying and the lyrics are ridiculous as well. Alvin and his delightful chipmunk friends bring nothing new to Christmas music. Just stop Alvin. And please never make another Christmas song ever again.

1. Santa Claus Has Got The Aids by Tiny Tim (1994)

I love this song, and I’m not a Grinch or a Scrooge, but I’m just completely blown away by how such a song got made. It was originally made for a weight loss supplement ad, but despite that the lyrics are so bad. “Santa Claus has got the aids this year. He won’t be around to spread his Christmas cheer.” I think I’ve said enough.


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