The Little Things in Life

Not only has auto fill made my life easier, it’s helped me get things done so much faster. I can’t imagine having to type in my credit card info, name, address, and so much more. Auto fill is a great part of web 2.0. I have found that auto fill enhances my web 2.0 experience. When thinking about the amount of time I spend on my phone, computer, or tablet, I feel more at ease that I am not spending even more time typing in things that should be remembered. Lucky for me auto fill is a characteristic of Web 2.0 that I don’t have to give up! It’s the little things in life that make a difference. Auto-fill on my computer, phone, and tablet is a little thing that has made a difference in my life Convenience is a goal with anything I am doing on Web 2.0.Convenience and Reliability is what makes Web 2.0 so great. If you are an online shopper you understand where I am coming from. If I had to give up one part of Web 2.0, I would not choose auto-fill, although I wouldn’t give up any characteristic of Web 2.0!

^AW web20










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