Dynamic Content Revolutionized the Web

I don’t think I am alone when I say that I could never go back to using the web without dynamic content, like videos, photos and audio. What else would we use the web for? In todays world it seems like all everyone is doing is either watching a video or sharing photos and then talking about it. This isn’t just constrained to social media. Some of the leading news agencies are treating their webpages more and more like a social media site. Instead of a long written article of an event there is usually a video clip or sound bite, and a  “watch it for yourself” or “see what you missed” type of paragraph. They may still write an opinion article or a highlights piece, but video and images drive the news on the web. I think it is fair to say that the majority of people spend their time on social media and the web looking at pictures and video or listening to music and podcasts. I can safely say that I could not give it up. I don’t sit at home and watch the news, I watch clips that are shared on social media or on a news site. I listen to podcasts all day while at work. Stopping to take a break for a quick Instagram update. So the majority of the information that I receive day to day is from dynamic media integrated into web pages mobile apps. I haven’t even touched on any commerce websites or product websites that incorporate videos and animated image sliders into their web pages creating an exceptional user experience. I am able to watch clips of the product being used or shots of its functionality that help me to feel confident in my purchase. I don’t think we can even begin to understand how much all those little things affect our entire user experience on the web, and how bleak our user experience would be without them.


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