Giving Up Your Favorite Website

Most people when asked what website they are addicted to would give answers like: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube.  And when asked if they could give these websites up, I would say they would have to be given a pretty good reason.  For me personally,it wouldn’t be that hard to give up any of the websites that I mentioned.  However, one website that would be really hard to give up is Yahoo Sports.  I love sports.  Everything about sports, I love.  My dream would be able to have a career that has something to do with sports.  More specifically; a sports broadcaster or writer.  I am constantly on different Sport Websites.  And usually if I’m not on a website, then I am watching ESPN getting the latest stories and updates for the day.  Especially during the fall and winter time, my schedule for my life is usually arranged around what is going on in the sports world.  This particular website however, gives me so much information I love and want, that it would be weird not having it.  I love how it gives me the scores that I want quickly, and the stories that I want to read in a good fashion.  I never have to go searching for something,usually what I want to know is right there when I want it.  But if its not, its just a few clicks away. I love it, and since I’ve discovered it, I have felt as if I needed it.  So for me to be able to give up Yahoo Sports, I too would need a good reason to give it up.  As for now, there really isn’t any good reason to give it up.  Or at least one that has even a reasonable possibility of being offered to me, so I’m not too worried about having to give it up.  But to leave you with a question in mind: “What would make it worth it to you, to be able to give up your favorite website?”  Let that sit in you mind so you can think about, and then ask yourself if you would do it.  Who knows, your answer might surprise you.



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