Life without Drag ‘n Drop?

Here I am with my tea (coffee makes me jittery) and my screen reflected in my haut glasses. I’ve got my slim, sexy laptop balancing on a Swedish desk. It’s a touch screen, so I’m ignoring my Wacom Intuos for the moment.

I’m a designer (obviously), and I’ve just finished a project. All it takes is a deft swipe of finger to slide the file from my library into the virtual hands of my client. Like brushing a feather into their clutches. “Here. It’s copyright protected.”

So I do just that. Slap my finger on that baby and shoot it into my browser… into space! Technically through a network of wires, mostly underground. But instead of that happy little loading bar I just pull up the file in the same tab. I swear. A lot.

This is a world without drag and drop. Where instead, through tears, you click on “attach file” and browse the eternity of your file explorer’s catacombs to find that one TIFF or PDF.

I revel in drag and drop. I experienced a little bit of euphoria as I first encountered the feature in Google Drive. What, seriously? My file explorer is already open to the project I’m working on. I don’t have to zip it. All I do is drag over every element I want and dump it in the browser. Bam. It’s in the cloud? Tears of joy at this point.

This is my crux, thus far. Until something more amazing (impossible) appears on the web.




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