Lost Without Maps

Some people are what you might call directionally challenged.  Growing up along the Wasatch Front in Utah, that hasn’t been a problem for me.  Thank goodness for those mountains on the east and west side of the valley – I usually know what direction I’m facing.  And thanks to Brigham Young’s genius in setting up the valley on the grid system, addresses are usually fairly simple to find.  It’s when I leave the Salt Lake Valley that I run into trouble, and finding the home of one of my kids friends in an obscure neighborhood is especially annoying.

I used to have a GPS that my kids called “Lola”.  Lola was helpful until I went to a new neighborhood or when roads or freeway exits changed.  Lola had to be manually plugged into my computer to get updates.  Now I have my smart phone that is equipped with the Google Maps App.  Google maps have saved my life on more than one occasion when I’ve been traveling, or searching for that elusive friends house.  I love that maps talks to me and tells me when to turn, the distance until the next turn, and what lane to stay in.  Another great thing about the app, is I can speak into the phone and say what I’m looking for.  The Google Maps app is so much more convenient, than Lola.  I don’t have to plug in to the computer, it’s already updated regularly through the web, which means that if a new exit has been added to the freeway, I won’t miss it. Lola was also really cranky about waking up – she was definitely not a “morning person.”  Google Maps is always ready to go at the touch of my finger tips.  That Google Map app on my phone has made Lola really  lonely.  Sorry Lola, there’s a new app in town –  try not to be jealous.  I think I’ll name my phone “Sheila.”



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