Mobile Accessibility

I could not survive in the world without having mobile accessibility to all of my web applications. Everything now from Facebook, to Youtube, Instagram and Dropbox have mobile applications that make it easy for me to access whatever I need too. If I ever get an email that someone needs a file that I’m working on i can get it to them from where ever I’m at super easily. All of my favorite places to get the news have apps for mobile accessibility. If i need to contact someone and I don’t have their phone number I’ve got multiple social platforms in my hand that I could easily get a hold of them.

Before I got a smartphone I never noticed, but now anytime I’m standing in line or waiting for a train I’ve got my phone out looking at something or another. It’s noticeable that I get way more aggravated now when I have to wait for something and I don’t have it. So, to say that I couldn’t survive is a little bit of hyperbole for a intro,  but if I didn’t have all of those things easily accessible to me my life would be significantly more difficult.


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