What Life would be without Facebook

The one platform that would be hard to give up would be Facebook because with today’s world, businesses and other profiles actually promote events and products. For example, all of my friends are now coming back from their LDS Missions, and the only way I know when their homecomings are is when a friend or their family creates an event on Facebook and invites everyone. Another example is for SLCC Athletics, the only way we can get people to come to our game is we create news posts for everyone that follow us is aware of it.

Facebook also comes in handy if you are wanting to stay in contact with your family that is living far away from. Life would be really hard then because it would not be that easy anymore to stay in touch with family. You would need to write a letter to your family and that could take days or weeks to hear back. However, without Facebook, our world would be completely different because of all of the content, and apps that Facebook has.


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