No, not webophile.


Like every other web enthusiast online, I think I’m pretty much up to speed with trends and advancements. Web 2.0 baby!

Yet with every fatal attraction come secrets. Mine are a little dirty, even more so since I’ve married my philia by becoming a web designer.

I’m Allergic to Social Media

It felt sooooo good to kick Facebook in the butt, throw profane fingers into the air as I deleted the account. I did the same on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… I got back on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Although I hardly use these platforms, I’ve discovered that they’re undeniably an integral part of modern life – if only to exist for the comfort that we’re connected somehow.

I’m Allergic to Blogs

But I love them in a spiteful way. I use people-generated blogs for recipes, weather outlooks, DIY projects. I’ve tried to create my own blogs a number of times. The fact is: I’d much rather be in real life.

I’m Addicted to Creativity

Which is the real reason I love the web. Also, it’s my motivation to become a designer. Web 2.0 offers so much expansion. It’s a breeding ground for ideas. Under this light, I totally appreciate the social aspect, even though I tend to interact outside of it. I marvel at the innovations and the information. This is why I entered the field. I’m curious to a fault and so intrigued by the brilliant people behind the web.

I believe we’re hurdling towards an exciting and unbelievable future. The technology we enjoy today is a primitive sample of what’s to come. There are definitely things about Web 2.0 that deserve to change. Of course I want to see more ease of access, a shift in the focus of why we’re online and how we use our time spent here, and a, in a way, a solution to the myriad of problems caused by globalization.

Here’s the power of the new web, and the reason I’ll always be involved: we can talk about it.



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