Web 2.0 Assessment

Sheena VanCott

Comm 2400

Web 2.0 Assessment

What types of SM/Web 2.0 do you engage in. These may include any websites (blogs,wikis) that you maintain or engage with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. What Social Media sites that you have a presence on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

I have a blog on Word Press called Blog to your mother. But I honestly don’t use it much. I should use it more, if not just to rant and rave about life. But I never seem to have the time. I am on most social network sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even Vine. I have two YouTube Channels, one that I use for school and one for personal that almost never gets used.

  1. How often do you engage or interact on these sites.

Facebook I am on daily, but that’s going to change soon. Going through a breakup and Facebook really should just be avoided when these things happen to me. Twitter I almost never use. Instagram I used a lot when I first downloaded it a few years back, but now I don’t really use it. I scroll through Vine every once in a while, but I am not one to upload videos onto it. YouTube is really only for school stuff.

  1. Do you find that you have different habits on each Web 2.0/SM site? Do you engage differently on blogs than you do on Facebook?

I don’t engage in my blog enough to say really. Facebook is a constant thing for me, but blogging isn’t. Although, again, it should be.

  1. What are your reasons for using SM/Web 2.0? Social involvement, community activity, information sharing?

I use it primarily to keep in touch with old friends and loved ones. Also to keep others in the loop with what is going on in my world.

  1. What would you like to see change about SM/Web 2.0? More ease of sharing? Easier development?

I personally like it the way it is. Other than the News feed isn’t always the way it should be. I’d like to see things more orderly. But I’m probably dreaming.

  1. Are there parts of Web 2.0/SM that you don’t or will not use? Why?

I am not one for the Facebook games. I know a lot of people get really into them, but they really aren’t good. Just time fillers for people that are retired mostly…


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