Web 2.0 Assessment

I use many different Web 2.0 applications. As far a social media goes I use Facebook and Instagram. I also use things like uber and I recently used AirBNB. I also use streaming services to watch all of my favorite T.V. shows.

I use the practical ones as needed and I use social media mostly when I’m bored or to keep up with what celebrities and bands I like are doing. If I am bored all day at work I could look at my Facebook up to every hour if I’m slow, then I look at Instagram when I get sick of Facebook. On a regular day I might look at those like once or twice a day.

This is actually my second blog post ever and I don’t follow any of them so I guess I don’t really know exactly what they are all about yet. I do, however, treat different social sites differently. I use Facebook to follow friends and people I meet, and I only use Instagram to follow artists that I like so I can just scroll through cool art.

I don’t know how much I want to change the system of social media I think they are doing a lot of neat things I have way more problems with some of the ways people choose to use them. I just never use blogs it’s not that I have a problem with them I’ve just never taken the time. I rarely use wikis every once in a while if I have to look up a quick fact that accuracy doesn’t really matter for.

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