Web 2.0 Assignment

To be completely honest, I don’t really use Web 2.0 websites anymore, mainly because all of the ones that I would use, have an app.  The only websites that I really use on a desktop computer are Google, Hotmail, and whatever websites that I need to go to for school.  Otherwise I am using the apps.  The apps that I am most involved in are Facebook, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, and whatever apps I need for school and for work.  And I am using these Apps every day.  Some of them multiple types of day, like Facebook and Yahoo Sports.  I don’t really have a presence though on Facebook or any other social media website.  I mainly just use Facebook to see whats going on the lives of those who I know.  But at the same time I do act differently on Facebook than I do with other apps.  On the sports apps that I use I am more willing to read the stories because I trust that they are true.  But on Facebook, I don’t really trust any stories or stuff like that, so I usually just ignore them and keep scrolling.  So there is a little bit of difference on the apps that I use, but all with the same purpose: finding out whats going in the world around me and what I care about. And I love all of it, but there is one thing that I wish was different.  It would be really nice if there wasn’t that many adds.  That’s the biggest downfall to all the apps.  So if the companies could rid of those, it would make it all better.  And then there’s the games.  That is something I just will not participate in.  I used to play games on Facebook, but then I kept getting requests and more ads were popping up and it was just all annoying.  So I stopped doing the games, and the ads have been decreasing so that has been nice.  But that is defiantly something I wont be doing again.  Overall though, I love a lot of Web 2.0 sites, and a lot of their features.  And they are all very beneficial to my life.



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