Generation Like


Likes, Retweets, Reblog’s, Follows.  What do you think about when you read those four little words?  Does your heart beat a little faster, do you instantly think about that picture you posted that got four hundred likes?  Or do you think about that Tweet that didn’t get a single retweet?  All of those things are like the social currency of todays world.

These social markets are a way to either bring people together or compete for social domination.  Kids today live for the likes and retweets.  I have personally felt the adrenaline rush of getting noticed, of getting four hundred likes on a photo as well as other social media milestones.

For me personally I use social media A LOT!! As a new business, I rely on people liking the content I put out and sharing it with their friends, and then their friends sharing it with their friends.

True Rags (which is my little clothing store) started out as a very small nothing blip in the huge world of the web.  So I can now say personally say what it is like to have to organically grow yourself in such a huge market!  It is hard, it is not easy, and those people that are lucky enough to find that niche to get all those like and followers are very talented and smart.

I found an article that goes into detail about The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of social media.

To see what social media has done to our generation, view this video.




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