After watching Generation like my eyes have been opened. You probably have an idea just from the title what “Generation Like” is about. A lot of you may not understand how someone makes money from gaining likes or followers. The consumer is doing just as much work as the marketer now with social media. We can now track responses in “real time”. As consumers we now have done the marketing for brands. Companies turn that mass volume of data from Social Media into money. Profit is based on the volume of likes. Technically you’re a millionaire in the volume of likes. People are coming together to merge these fanbases to create a greater volume resulting in more money. The more audiences one addresses the more volume they create. Brands now become your friend through interpersonal relationships we feel, we have openness and trust. By winning the games of likes you’re winning more sponsors, you then become a walking billboard for your sponsors. Wanting attention and validation has always been something we want to gain but now it’s easier to obtain. These social media platforms are more than just a social media platform as you will see in this frontline documentary. Take a look. https://www.pbs.org/frontline



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