Likes to Money

In a generation that’s full of technology, companies have found ways to make millions, just by people of all ages clicking a button.  In my social media class we recently watched a video called Generation Like.  (  In this video there were several different forms of media that were talked about that generated in money.

All of it seemed to link back to one thing…how many likes you could get.  For one instance there was a segment about someone who simply just started a youtube channel.  On this channel he literally just talked about what he liked.  His name is Tyler Oakley.  And he is one of, if not the most famous youtuber of all time.  And it started out with him just posting videos about pop-culture topics that he enjoyed.  With these videos that he was posting, he was generating “likes” and subscribers.  With those he was gaining subscribers.  And then advertisers, and sponsors.  Which led to where he is at today, giving him a total net wort of around 2 million.

When I think about Tylers success I get drawn back to what got him to that point.  Really in the social media world,in order to generate revenue and make money, it all comes down to one thing: networking.  If you know someone, then they can get you going.  And then if they know someone, it continues.  Its continuous chain of knowing the right person, that will eventually get you to where you want to be.

That’s all social media is.  Companies have experts that find videos or posts that are trending.  They link these people to other posts that are trending.  They put famous people in the posts that have thousands of followers, and then they continue to rinse and repeat.  As long as you have someone that can connect you to something else, you will continue to grow.  And it all starts with one one click of the button, just a simple like.

The video was posted on the Frontline website.  I found it very informative and it really grabbed my attention to the media world.  Check out their website!  ( (Links to an external site.)


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