FRONTLINE: “Generation Like”

thumbs upIf you have a social media account then you have probably experienced the validating feeling of receiving a “like”. Its difficult to not feel the excitement of a connection made. Someone has connected to your post, or picture or video enough to say “I like that, and I want everyone to know that I like that” before clicking that button. Its no secret that humans strive to find identity and connection with a group or groups. Social media and the web have given us the ability to find identity with an endless list of groups, companies, and campaigns. But do we realize that when we click that like, retweet or follow button we may be doing a lot more than just saying “I like that”.

In PBS’s “Frontline: Generation Like” Reporter Douglas Rushkoff “explores how the perennial teen quest for identity and connection has migrated to social media — and exposes the game of cat-and-mouse that corporations are playing with these young consumers.” (Frontline) Companies can now use information from social media to develop their entire marketing strategy. They can see what you like what your friends like and what all of our connections say about the audience they are trying to reach. Many of us are aware that this is going on but are we ok with it and do we support it? Its pretty mind boggling to realize how powerful the like can be not only in building a personal fan base but in building a customer base as well. We are no stranger to endorsements. We have always seen nice clothes on Hollywood actors and burgers in the hands of NBA players but has social media taken things to an unhealthy level? You decide, check it out.

Watch the Story Here! Frontline: Generation Like





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