Generation Like


I enjoyed this documentary very much. It is so easy for people to just not think of all of the stuff that goes into the internet. Thinking about the way people strategize to get likes and reposts on the internet can be kind of creepy. Thinking about people trying to control other people through technology is weird, but it’s genius.

My favorite part was the skateboarding kid. He seemed very smart and humble for his age and the amount of money and recognition he’s getting. The best part was when the kid asked if he was famous and he said, “if you don’t know me then I’m not famous.” Even though I personally hate those pranking videos and stuff, but i think it’s awesome for that kid that he’s making money on it thats really cool.

The Hunger Games girl made me start to think that in certain cases the manipulation gets out of control. She is distributing content like crazy for a fake meaningless point system? I think its a little far to go after kids like that. I don’t think it should be illegal per-say but I do believe it is morally wrong. On the other hand, when they talked to her she seemed to know exactly what she was doing and she just didn’t care.

At the end they were asking that panel of teens questions about how much they knew about the behind the scenes aspects of the internet, and they were surprisingly surprisingly oblivious. It is crazy how little people know about this stuff that is such a huge part of our lives. Click here to watch.



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