I can see getting likes on an absolutely social level. Posting pictures of yourself and getting likes from friends, or family, or even a spouse, boyfriend, or significant other, but I had never thought about likes getting you anywhere in a profitable manor. I mean to show that something is successful, sure. Popular, okay. But I never thought about the fact that likes could actually be a profitable thing. I grew up in a time where there weren’t computers until I was older, people actually got out side more frequently, photos were taken by a camera, and then you had to take the film in and get it developed before you could show anyone those pictures. It wasn’t like today, where with the push of a button all you would have to do is upload an image, and suddenly the world can see it, like it, share it, etc.

Something I discussed with  group of friends after watching this is that it is amazing what little someone actually has to do, in order to become famous these days. How someone can just start a YouTube channel discussing things that they love, and have it actually turn into a career. Just because you are being noticed by not only enough people, but the right people that you would need to get a foot in the door to that line of work. It’s just astonishing. This is a career path that I could only dream to be my own.

To see more on this documentary, click here.

Here is an interesting article about How to make money by getting likes.





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