The Generation “Like”

Generation “Like” is a generation of kids who today would probably be no older than 25 but most are in high school. These people are so focused on what society thinks of them they pay a little amount of attention to the outside world. They need the gratification of everybody on all the posts, tweets, and pictures they put up. In the video “Generation Like” it shows how people respond to social media, how they interact and get the attention of celebrities, and actually use social media to become web celebrities like Tyler Oakly.


I think that it is incredible how people can take the smallest, simplest of platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to gain massive amounts of followers, start movements to get things done, and share with the world their individual take on things are. Their opinions are important to people and even though they don’t star in movies or aren’t in famous bands they do create well watched content. Generation Like creates videos and posts them on Vine or Youtube. They review movies and essentially become the critics everyone else looks at to decide whether or not they should go see the movie. At the same time they need the attention for what they do because if they don’t get it then they feel like they aren’t doing their job and no one cares what they think.

Here is a link to the PBS Frontline video:




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