ESPN App VS. Yahoo! Sports App

In the world of sports, avid sport fans are always looking for the right app that’s going to give them what they want, when they want it.  Whether that be scores, stories, or live play…they all want it.  However their biggest problem is finding the App that will give them what they desire.

Often times, when you look at an avid sports fan’s phone, you will find several different sports apps.  Meaning they have gone down the journey of finding the app that they love the most.  The two most common: ESPN and Yahoo! Sports.

In an article published by, hey provide a short review on the new ESPN as well as the Yahoo! Sports app.  They also for some reason talk about some insignificant app called theScore.  Compared to the other two, it’s like a kitten taking on a full grown Lion.  There’s no fair comparison that would even make theScore look even somewhat good.  So I’m not quite sure why they included that in their article.

However, the rest of their article was really good.  The main bulk of the article talks about the new features of the ESPN app.  Viewing the rest of the site though, I get a sense that the site is somewhat favorable to ESPN, so the article may be a little biased, but still provides accurate information.

It also goes into detail about the Yahoo! Sports app and briefly describes its best features and how it compares to the ESPN app.  Overall though, the article concludes that the ESPN app is by far the best app for an sport fan.

For me, I use both the Yahoo! Sports and ESPN app.  I like how I can get the scores that I want fast on the Yahoo! app and get the stories I want.  And on the ESPN app I like how I can get instant video as well as scores.  So there is a balance between the two that I not only enjoy, but use everyday.  Overall, I love both.  And will continue to use both.  I have ended my journey on finding the best sports apps, and now I’m enjoying the experience.

Comparing the New Version of the ESPN App to Yahoo and theScore


Behind the Scenes of Facebook 

Whenever a site tells us to read the terms and policies of a website, without fail 99.9% of people will click the box that says you read it, and move on. No one wants to take the time to read all of that. But what’s really there?  What does it really say?  For Facebook it’s really long, but to the point. They really do cover any loop hole someone could possibly find.

First off, what does Facebook even do with your information?  In their data policy it tells us that they use it for basically anything. Based off of what we allow them to do (in our personal settings) Facebook can basically do whatever they want. They can use your info and pictures to even make money, without you making even a penny. But they just don’t use your information to help themselves, they do use it to help you. Most of the information you put on Facebook is “filed.”  They use this information to give you suggestions. For example, suggestions of places to eat, people to friend, or even places to go. They use the information you put on Facebook, to basically predict your future and give you suggestions of what to do. But what happens if this information gets hacked? From what I found….nothing.

Facebook makes it clear that they are a public website. And a free one as well. Because of this they stress that they do everything they can to keep your information safe and protected, but from what I understand, if it is hacked there is nothing they can do. They state that Facebook will not be held responsible for anything stolen or “damaged” and that they can not be held accountable. However, they do state in a different section that by agreeing to the terms and policies you agree to never hack another persons account, and If you do your account may be terminated.  But other than that, Facebook declares that it can not be held responsible for loss of information, because the site is a public site.

Reading the policy agreement really was an interesting read. Who knew there was so much that Facebook can do with your information!  The question is….what are all the other sites doing with your information as well?  How much is really safe?  It’s probably time to actually take the time and find out.


Mike & Mike Podcast

Every once in a while, I will listen to Mike & Mike from ESPN so I can stay in the loop of all sports nation wide. This morning, they were all talking about Peyton Manning as he announced his retirement in the NFL. These guys do an amazing job with their podcasts.

Click Here to listen to their podcast!


From my window



Wish I took this… Sorry to bomb the “take a photo” bit but education time!

NASA has been uploading hundreds of their analoug photos into the digital public domain. So technically… I can do this.

What’s so significant? Back up… Is this a necessary question? I love NASA and all other endeavors because somehow they avoided becoming political. They’ve captured our minds and hearts and here they are going digital. They’re making their knowledge way more accessible to a tech generation. If you said exploration and learning weren’t important, why’d you read this far?

So, to actually fill the criteria of this post I would take my own photo of the Moon… Except currently it’s underfoot, if you will. Its being massively eclipsed by the earth. IE on the opposite side of the globe.

So! Here’s a rendition hand painted by yours truly:

2016-03-04 22.26.28.jpg