Podcast Subscription: Rebel FM

Looking for a podcast to listen to I immediately thought of something that interested me, Gaming. So after a quick google search on my handy dandy computer I found one that sounded pretty cool. It’s called Rebel FM. It’s a pretty laid back podcast where the people talking are very informal and use lots of cuss words (sorry for those with sensitive hearing). They talk in very descriptive detail they explain some of the up and coming games and different aspects of the games that players should definitely want to know.

It was awesome to be able to listen to them just joke around with each other and troll each other about what they did while playing the game. The comparisons that they do between different games are actually pretty cool and very easy to relate to. Gaming podcasts are a lot of fun to listen to because the info they give is really great to hear but then you get a really good laugh out of all the jokes that they make.



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