From my window



Wish I took this… Sorry to bomb the “take a photo” bit but education time!

NASA has been uploading hundreds of their analoug photos into the digital public domain. So technically… I can do this.

What’s so significant? Back up… Is this a necessary question? I love NASA and all other endeavors because somehow they avoided becoming political. They’ve captured our minds and hearts and here they are going digital. They’re making their knowledge way more accessible to a tech generation. If you said exploration and learning weren’t important, why’d you read this far?

So, to actually fill the criteria of this post I would take my own photo of the Moon… Except currently it’s underfoot, if you will. Its being massively eclipsed by the earth. IE on the opposite side of the globe.

So! Here’s a rendition hand painted by yours truly:

2016-03-04 22.26.28.jpg



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