HoloLens – VR for the future


Using VR

Virtual reality headsets have gone from the best fan fiction to incredible non-fiction very quickly.With companies producing the Oculus Rift, the Vive, or Google Cardboard and prices ranging from nothing to life-savings… it’s a hot market and it’s all over the place. Enter HoloLens, virtual reality goggles by Microsoft. Apparently the most immersive experience to be had: complete with sound, kinesthetic interactivity, spacial mapping, and voice control.

The creation of augmented and virtual realities is mostly left to big players. Their hope is that the best headset will quickly become the standard. While their audience remains tentative, this is proving to be a big step in the right direction for Microsoft. The HoloLens is receiving a lot of hype and being touted as the most realistic experience on the market. It comes with apps, a web browser, and specialty VR games. While it’s a bit chunky, it’s sleek and comfortable enough to ease anxious buyers.

Remember way back when Google dropped their Google Glass? The funny glasses that used a mini projector to display content? It was more of a promotional boast than anything, but with players like Microsoft, HTC, and even Facebook joining the game (for real), VR might become a part of our daily lives very soon.

What does this mean for Web 2.0, social media, and tech? You might want to think about Web 3.0 instead. Where content appears to be overlayed on physical objects… or it even interacts with our surroundings. We’ll have new ways to explore the internet at a level of usability unimaginable. Think virtual video calls, games, learning, and more. Someday most people may wear a slim glasses-like version of VR.

If you’re interested in a rundown of the HoloLens, read the original story¬†here.


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