The Generation of Social Media

Social Media Image

Today, Social Media is affecting our generation of all ages. With social media now being a part of our lives, more people are getting involved with the internet and creating online identities. Many of the social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Many people share their daily lives and share not about everything, just the things that they like.

Major companies use Social Media to do their promotions and giveaways, like for example, Oreo creates posts and once they publish their posts, they can receive data on when people see the post, share the post, and plan what time of day to publish their next post. Also, the goals for major companies like Oreos are to generate more “currency” or in other words, likes and follows for their accounts.

YouTube is a great way to do promotions because of all of the videos that are posted their daily. This is how companies find people with talent. The people with talent will then become a walking billboard, so to say, and will begin starting to earn lots of money.

Social Media is a great source for marketing, promoting, and is a great way to get around and to get noticed.

To watch “Generation Likes”, click here.

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