Instagram: The online photo album.

We live in a time where taking photos has never been so easy. Every smartphone these days is equipped with a camera far superior to any point and shoot carried around 10-15 years ago.
Not only are we able to instantly take quality photos with just a click of a button on our cell phones but we are also able to share and store these photos instantly.

Everyone remembers that dusty box full of 4×6 print and undeveloped disposables. Our parents would take pictures of us as kids on our birthdays, or at DisneyLand, spend money to get them developed and put them in a box to never be seen again. However, with Instagram, we have not only a digital platform to store these photos but also a way to share these pictures and communicate with family and friends all across the world.

Instagram has also included very handy features like photo editing and preset filters. Not crazy with how a photo came out? Slap a filter over it and call it good. Want more control over the editing of the image? Use the 13 tools instagram has included to adjust different aspects of your photo.

All in all, instagram has not only become a daily staple in our lives of communication, but it has saved us from receiving lengthy postcards from our aunt abroad and eliminated the dusty box full of useless of what you can expect to see in the world of Instagram.


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