My Bleacher Report Addiction

bleacher-report-logoIt starts out small.  You’re looking for a little information about an upcoming game and they ask you some innocuous questions about your favorite teams.  A helpful little APP appears with Team Streams and within a couple clicks, they have you.

Team news, rankings, rumors and just about everything is available for you to share, critique, review or simply read.  Within a couple uses, you find yourself posting and getting into discussions about upcoming team events, trash talking users streaming the other teams and using the APP to improve your fantasy lineup.

What makes this hard to give up is its personalization of the sports teams you follow.  All of this interactive content starts creating a personal attachment, as if you are actually an integral part of the team(s) you follow.  Wins and losses, player acquisitions, coach decisions, etc., are felt with more intensity because of the social aspect.  Ask anyone who has ever painted their chest or face before a game – they can testify to this.

If you don’t believe me,  try it out for yourself at  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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