Nostalgia is a LIE!!1!

I remember when I got my first iPhone, it was the greatest to phone to have because there was an app called Instagram.  It was an iPhone exclusive app where you would follow your friends and show off your photos with “masterful photo editing”, it was #lit it couldn’t get better.  Fast forward to now September 2016 and I couldn’t have been more wrong, they just announced an iPhone 7 and Instagram is one of the most used Social Media platforms in the world.   Instagram is still photo journalising your life but now it’s more about being more connected then ever, from sharing one an others post by direct messaging or tagging someone with their username.  My personal favorite thing to do on Ig (that’s what the cool kids are calling it these days) is to follow all of my favorite magazines, bloggers, photographers and even that bizarre celebrity that I just can’t get enough of and get a glimpse of their life without having to google search on a tabloid magazine.  So THANK YOU Ig for being the real MVP into giving me access on all things I enjoy.




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