Smile, you’re a puppy!

Traditional Snapchats are cool but Snapchat Filters are cooler. Specifically, The puppy filter.

First things first if you don’t have Snapchat, WTF. Pull out your smart phone and download it right now. Whether you’re Snapchating your BAE or BFF theres really nothing better than looking less than presentable in the mirror and bomb AF in that snapchat. Filters do just that. The puppy filter not only makes you into the one thing all humans love, a puppy, it also smooths out your skin and slims down your face #lit. In case you’re wondering just who what when where and why..Here are some puppy filter uses and examples.


Puppies with kids


Puppies with friendsimg_5114

and last but not least… Puppy selfies.


Black & White= Fancy

Now go out there and get your filter on!


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