Snap Obsessions

Snapchat is such a fun app for me and my friends to communicate back and forth on. We can update each other on what we are doing on the go. This would be such a hard app for me to give up, because I think it is such a fun way to communicate.

Snapchat right now has the capabilities to share videos, pictures, and send text to friends in the moment and then are gone in an instant. The new added features are, snap filters that have taken Snapchat to a whole other level. This also brings many questions with a lot of my friends. With all the filters, what pictures that people are putting up are real? How edited are people making their photos to get to their idea of perfection? It also has bumped up this need for “selfies”. The need to let everyone know what you are wearing, doing, and who with, with the added filters has skyrocketed. So this is my question to you, what is your reason for using Snapchat?



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