The Web 2.0 app I can’t give up!


The answer to this may not come as a surprise to the people that know me, and believe me I looked through many apps to try and kick this bad boy from the top dog position in my mind. None of them could make the cut! Some were close, but in the end, my app that I just can’t quit is… Twitter!

Now calm down! I can hear the groans of people reading this already. ‘But twitter is the boring normal choice!’ I know but it’s the thing I spend the most time on and they just keep making it better and better with each iteration. Twitter is the golden example of what web 2.0 is. It allows you to find and share almost any type of content you are looking for. It allows you to quickly and efficiently share your content and anything you find with your followers so that you can start networking with others that enjoy what you enjoy by retweeting, tagging, and using hashtags.

Those are the main reasons why Twitter is my web 2.0 app that I just can’t give up. It’s just too easy and fun to quit!



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