Generation Dislike


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Millenials, including myself, thrive on internet persona and the amount of interaction we get with our friends and followers. I admit, I’m guilty. I have a pretty large following base across all of my social media platforms, But what does it mean? Why are we as a generation so addicted to having strangers like what we put on the internet?  Generation Like  explains the rapid growth, and in my opinion- addiction social media has. Sure, we get a lot of really great benefits from sharing media with our friends and finding out new things we are interested in. But when does it become too much and when do we draw the line? I thought my age demographic was bad being all caught up in my phone and reading what others have to say but I look at my friend’s little brothers and sisters and they have got the science down to a T! I honestly don’t understand it. I think social media is a great tool for when you need to share something and I think businesses have done great with marketing, however, the more you watch this documentary it almost seems like it’s some form of brainwashing.

High school kids freaking out over people liking their profile pictures, 13-year-olds getting followers for posting risque stuff on YouTube. I don’t see how this will benefit anyone in the future. Watching this documentary makes me want to reevaluate why I use social media and the purpose of the content I share.

Am I sharing it for an actual purpose? Or am I sharing it just for a “LIKE”?





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