Just Post About It


Social media is completely fascinating to me. When I was in high school Facebook was just a way to keep up with people you didn’t see often. Now not only is there Facebook but there’s Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and it’s not just keeping up with others. It’s about being important, getting noticed, and making money.

Generation Like, a video done by Frontline on PBS, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/generation-like/, describes perfectly how this transition has happened. Us, the people using social media everyday, have become the best resources and even advertisers for our favorite companies.

On a lot smaller scale I work for a local clothing store, https://www.instagram.com/cakeboutique/. Not only do we promote and advertise on all social media sites. We use all the employees social media sites to help promote the company, and bring customers in. Some of the girls will take clothes home and do a photo shoot with them, then those photos we post to make it more personable. Or right now we have a competition going. If a customer takes a photo in an outfit purchased from our store and post it, they will be entered to win a gift card at the end of the month.

Just like Generate Like states, the relationship between companies and consumers on social media has become necessary. A company will most likely not be successful unless they start to use social media to their advantage. The more likes, the better.



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