The Like Factor

The film is a decent depiction of how youngsters are using social media to promote themselves, and get famous via the online world. The ‘Like’ Factor is the search of approval and likeness from the social media audience you post to while expressing your views or experiences. It is something most people care about but just don’t acknowledge.

For example, a friend of mine said “I don’t care what people say about me.” This same friend recently ¬†started posting Donald Trump media attacks on social media. His days consists of posting at least 10 different post attacking Donald Trump on Facebook. He not only post hate memes but answers every one of his critics.

When I asked him what the point of this is, he said ” It’s to fight injustice and to get people to hate Trump and vote for Hillary Clinton.” This guy obviously cares about what people think and not only that but wants to influence them.

While most adults can handle social media information and influence, a big concern for me is teenagers. I am concerned about what my 14 year old twin sisters will experience on social media, and the influence they will act on.

For more information on social media influence go to;



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