Is Social Media Really Empowering?


Is Social Media really empowering you? Some people are on Facebook and other Social Media like it is a drug addiction. They can’t go longer than 5 minutes without getting on some type of media that connects them with the whole rest of the world via an online persona. Now, before people start to question whether or not I use social media applications, I do. Sometimes I use it more than I should. But the thing is, we need to take it in moderation. For example, the girl in the Generation Like video who is addicted to the Hunger Games. She hops from the Hunger Games fan website and tweets to people from the Hunger Games. People are even so addicted to social media that they make creating videos a full time job and spend money on agencies that try to get famous. That being said, how many kids or people who make this their dream, does fame actually come across? I’ll tell you. Not many. So, I ask you, is the dream of becoming Facebook, or Vine, or Instagram famous really worth the harsh reality of being shut down and smacked in the face with a reality check? What about the millions and even billions of people who are on YouTube that the documentary makers didn’t interview? How come they didn’t take a sample from the majority but instead only from the minority? Think about that for a second.


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