“Like” Your Way to the Top

Generation Like is an interesting little documentary. It follows young people who have found success – whether that be money, endorsements or number of likes – on social media (personally, I would go for the money).


I don’t follow most social media platforms, so I only recognized one star from the documentary – Tyler Oakley. He competed on a recent season of the Amazing Race (that’s right, I still watch the Amazing Race). He didn’t win, but he does have over eight million followers on YouTube. That’s more than double the number of followers he had almost three years ago when the documentary was filmed. Pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

I bet he got a lot of new followers from starring in the documentary. And the Amazing Race. Well, I would guess mostly from the Amazing Race.

The thing I enjoyed most about the documentary is learning that Tyler also advises businesses on how to best utilize social media to target millennials. Yep. The same guy whose latest YouTube video is called My Failed Hamilton Audition is telling men in suits how to succeed and grow business.

He started making videos for fun in college and now he’s a foremost authority on social media.

I “like” that.


Also, can we pick just one name for our generation and stick with it. Generation Y. Millennials. Generation Like. This is getting confusing.



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