“It’s Facebook vs. Twitter in presidential debates”

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter are having a contest to see which one can get the most followers to view information about the presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are negotiating deals to screen the presidential debates and each company wants the most viewers to access the debates on its platform while the viewers make real-time comments on what’s being said. Each of the companies has formed a partnership with a television media company to stream both presidential and vice presidential debates.

Twitter formed a partnership with CBS and streamed the two political conventions live. It also made a deal to stream NFL’s Thursday Night Football Games. Twitter got 2.1 million people to watch the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets in their recent game. Twitter has now formed a partnership with Bloomberg software company to provide the video for the presidential debates.

Meanwhile, Facebook has 1.7 billion users who have been used to seeing video on that platform for a number of years now. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been promoting the increased use of video over the past few years. Facebook has a huge advantage over Twitter because of this strategy and because of its huge user base. Facebook has negotiated with ABC to provide the video for the presidential debates. It is counting on its users to log in and get their election news from Facebook rather than on tv or from any other social media platform.

The reward for winning this media contest is access to the gigantic advertising budgets that companies used to spend all on television.

Here is the article:



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